Someone bought a tissue packet for $1,250


In line with April Fools’ Day, IT’S THE SHIP listed a crazy offer for tissue packets priced at $1,250!

Since the prank “backfired”, IT’S THE SHIP decided to honour the deal by giving shipmates who purchased IT’S THE SHIP Tissue Packets a balcony cabin (and the tissues, of course!).

Due to the strangely popular demand, it is launching the next IT’S THE SHIP item for all shipmates!

Have a sneak peek below!

(Watch the video here)

THIRSTY already?

Head on over to to purchase the brand new IT’S THE SHIP water bottle!



*Offer ends 10th April 2019 23:59HRS (GMT+*)

Follow IT’S THE SHIP’s social channels for all announcements regarding this year’s sailing:




Board the ship:

IT’S THE SHIP China 2019: 13-17 June 2019

IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2019: 13-15 November 2019

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