Singapore start-up creates Freegood app to facilitate giving away and getting goods for free to reduce waste and help others

April 2018 -  Free Good Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based start-up has developed an innovative social app, making it easy and priceless to give away and request for goods.  

With the founding mission "To inspire good in people through giving", Freegood was created to provide a hassle-free platform for individuals and organisations to give and receive goods for free. The simple interface of the app makes it easy for users to request for and list their own items, as well as arrange meet-ups through interactions with other users of the platform.  

Users can list items they need or items they want to give away and mutually agree on a time and place for exchange. This simple and comprehensive interface allows seamless transactions; all for a good cause.

Freegood aims to inspire a spirit of giving within a community, by linking people who no longer need certain items, to people who need them.  The GPS functionality matches users with similar listings within a community making transactions easy.

Aside from encouraging users to help those in need, Freegood also helps better the environmental situation by reducing waste. Unwanted presents, old books, used furniture or kitchenware could all find a second home via the app.  A more sustainable future is in our hands, with the development of this app and an opportunity to minimise our waste in landfills.

Said co-founder Sidharth Bhasin, "It's a known fact that the world has a waste problem that has been fuelled by commercialism.  People constantly buy things, sell things and throw things. We have countless apps out there that have made it easy for people sell things with an emphasis on 'me' and making money, however there is nothing out there that makes it easy for people to help others by giving away unwanted items -- and saving the environment. So, we created Freegood and our mission is to 'Inspire good in people through giving' and that is exactly what our mobile app aims to do."  

 "Doing good for the environment and helping others at the same time should be made as easy as possible," added co-founder Yuvi Bhasin.  "With Freegood we address both those challenges.  Unique features in the app ensure that users get tokens of appreciation when they successfully give things away. Ultimately it's all about doing good and feeling good."

Freegood is available for iOS and Android devices.  Key features include:

  • GPS based listings and community
  • Matching engine for items being requested and being given away
  • In-app currency called 'Tokens'
  • Ability to show appreciation when receiving goods
  • Chat and other transaction features
  • Global usability
  About Free Good Pte Ltd.

Free Good Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based social enterprise that provides a global platform for individuals and organisations (both for and non-profit) to give away and request for goods.  This is a free service that has the potential to dramatically reduce waste by making it easy to reuse goods and keep them away from landfills.

Freegood on the web:

Freegood on Facebook:

Dowload the iOS app here:

Download the Android app here:  

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