RedDot Bhangra Competition 2019 a sensory treat

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RedDot Bhangra Competition 2019, the hottest international Bhangra Competition in Asia,  drew an eager crowd of over 570 at Gateway Theatre on Saturday, 20 July 2019. High Commissioner of India Jawed Ashraf graced the event.

This year’s competition was one of the first in Asia to have judges from the three major bhangra circuits, Jessica Gar Lai Cheung from the United Kingdom, Keshav Mantha from the United States and Amitoj Thind from Australia.

Organised by RedDot Bhangra, the full-house event was a sensory treat, as spectators witnessed a flurry of boundless energy, vibrant costumes and creative sets that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Energetic and lively dancers from five teams across three countries – the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore – brought their A-game and danced their hearts out as they battled for the title.

The US team Colorado Bhangra brought a whole new level of energy to the local stage. Funjabi Bhangra from Hong Kong brought a fresh folk-inspired flare. Joshiley Bhangra wowed the audience with their consistent high energy and creative segments. SherePunjab Bhangra captivated the audience with their colourful costumes and well-executed set. Yaar Panj-aab turned up the heat with their energetic moves.

After three hours of a power-packed show, Funjabi from Hong Kong clinched the top spot, followed by Joshiley Bhangra and SherePunjab Bhangra.

“Putting together an international competition in this way serves to bring a different dimension to the local performing arts scene. It not only encompasses the cultural diversity that we Singaporeans stand for, but we are honoured that RedDot Bhangra is taking the mantle to push the boundaries of the regional bhangra circuit,” said Hargobind Singh, Director, RedDot Bhangra.

Among the audience were 10 residents of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually-Infirmed, a charity that RedDot Bhangra supports through its community outreach programme.

RedDot Bhangra 

RedDot Bhangra is a volunteer-run group that is dedicated to providing a platform for youth to engage with their roots and heritage through the main dance form of Punjabi culture. The multi-racial group also aims to foster understanding and harmony among diverse groups in Singapore through sharing the joy of bhangra. 

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