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Rajasthani culinary feast fit for royalty 

Photos: Raffles Hotel Singapore

The Flavours of Rajasthan is an epicurean special menu that has a lavish medley of exquisite North Indian dishes. It will be available at the historic Tiffin Room, the Indian restaurant at Raffles Hotel Singapore, from January 13 to 27, 2022.

The menu includes unique appetisers such as Kanji Vada, a Rajasthani delicacy of deep-fried yellow lentil dumplings served in a refreshingly chilled mustard and asafoetida water,  Maas Ke Sooley, grilled lamb fillet with basil and dried mango, and its vegetarian alternative Paneer Ke Sooley, featuring Indian cottage cheese in place of lamb.

The selection of main courses are complemented by Bajre Ki Roti and Methi Parantha, freshly-baked Rajasthani specialty breads.

It includes Murgh Mokul, succulent chicken breast cooked with yogurt, almond paste and ground mace; Banjara Gosht, juicy lamb chops with onions, coriander seeds and cardamom; and Dal Batti Churma, yellow lentil curry with wheat dough balls and ghee.

The vegetarian menu features Mawa Kofta Curry, cheese dumplings enveloped in a creamy almond and cashew nut gravy; Rajasthani Kadi Pakora, moreish onion fritters with yogurt curry; and Tinde Ki Subzi, apple gourd cooked with spices.

The Rajasthani culinary spread ends with sweet treats in the form of Makhana Kheer, a pudding of lotus seeds, and Doodh Ladoo, made with gram flour and cooked in milk.

The menu is inspired by Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi’s (below, right) travels around Rajasthan, a vibrant North Indian state renowned for its regal heritage and distinctive culture.

Rajasthan, also known as the Land of Kings, is home to rich cuisine and culture, which perfectly align with Tiffin Room’s hallmark North Indian concept.

The Rajasthani cuisine is also rare in Singapore, therefore Chef Negi was inspired to present a unique gastronomic experience for guests to indulge in in the new year.

He took time off and travelled to several North Indian states, including Rajasthan, to experience their diverse cuisines when Raffles Hotel Singapore’s restoration process – involving Tiffin Room too – was underway between 2017 and 2019.

“The stunningly beautiful locale (of Rajasthan) intrigued me and spurred my repeated visits to the state from which I drew my culinary inspiration,” Chef Negi told Inside Recent. “I incorporated the various cooking methods and bold flavours produced from simple ingredients in mys special menu.”

The Flavours of Rajasthan menu has flavourful dishes, unique to the regal state, which have been crafted with milk, yogurt, lentils and chickpeas. These have been elevated by a cooking style that imparts beautiful smoky notes. Lashings of spices give them a robust and distinctive taste.

“I travelled to many parts of Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the Mewar region,” said Chef Negi. “During my visits, I discovered first-hand how Rajasthani cuisine is shaped by its geography.

“Being a dessert region and having a harsh climate, the availability of produce is limited and most people are vegetarian. This translates to their
cuisine being heavily based on key yet simple staples such as spices, yogurt, chickpea flour and lentils.

“With an intention to showcase the authentic regal Rajasthani flavours that inspired me, I did extensive research about their recipes and incorporated more yogurt into the menu items. I also used typical Rajasthani ingredients like chickpea flour, dried spices like red chilli and mustard.

“These simple ingredients were lifted by a cooking style that brought about a robust combination of flavours with smoky notes and hints of spice.”

“My favorite dish fom the menu would be Maas Ke Sooley, a grilled lamb fillet with basil and dried mango. It matches excellently with our wine.

“My other pick would be the Doodh Ladoo, a beautifully moreish and quintessential spherical dessert made of gram flour and cooked in milk.”

Rajasthani dishes are rarely foiund in Singapore. The Flavours of Rajasthan is a great way to discover and experience the excitingly rich and authentic flavours of the North Indian state.

The menu will be available for lunch and dinner in both non-vegetarian (S$88++ per guest) and vegetarian (S$78++ per guest) options.

To elevate the culinary experience, Tiffin Room offers complementary wine pairings (S$58++) available for both non-vegetarians and vegetarian options.

The selection of wines includes Domaine Catherine et Pierre Breton Cabernet-Franc 2017, and Tenuta di Collosorbo Sangiovese 2018 which are red wines, as well as the Domaine du Tairquet Gros Manseng 2018, which is a sweet wine.

The red wines have lower tannins than full-bodied types and complement well the spices used in the dishes.
They are elegant, delicate and not too overpowering.

“We wanted to balance the spices and decided that the red wines should ideally have a slightly lower alcohol content, with a hint of fruitiness and served at a slightly cool temperature,” said Chef Negi.

“The Domaine Catherine et Pierre Breton Cabernet-Franc 2017 works wonders with grilled meats, especially the Mas Ke Sooley appetiser, bringing out the flavours of the basil and spices. The Tenuta di Collosorbo Sangiovese 2018 was selected to pair with the varying flavours of the different main courses because of its zingy acidity and ability to maintain a fresh palate.

“The Domaine du Tairquet Gros Manseng 2018 was picked for its balanced sweetness and citrus appeal to pair with the richness and sweetness of the desserts.”

Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore

Flavours of Rajasthan

When: 13 to 27 January 2022
Lunch: 12pm to 2pm
Dinner: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Open: daily

Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673
(Located at the Main Building, accessible via the main hotel entrance)

Dress Code:
Casual Chic (Dress shorts are allowed during lunch; no slippers or flip-flops)


Lunch & Dinner Menu: S$88++ per guest
Vegetarian Menu Lunch & Dinner Menu: S$78++ per guest
Complementary Wine Pairings: S$58++

The Flavours of Rajasthan menu can be viewed at:

For all enquiries and reservations for dining experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore, please call +65 6412 1816 or email at [email protected]

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