New 5Cs of Singapore: Surprising shift in life priorities and values

Singapore is a poster nation for outstanding achievements – for being a global financial centre, home to a world-class city airport and the iconic Marina Bay skyline.

In the same vein, Singaporeans have gained a reputation for being results- and numbers-driven – hence the coining of the Singapore 5Cs – Cash, Car, Condo, Credit Card and Country Club.

A new survey by Circles.Life reveals a very different side to Singapore that validates what we have been guessing for years – the old 5Cs are out. Conducted in partnership with YouGov, the survey captures the perspectives of over 1,000 respondents representing the nation’s population make-up, and reveals that Singaporeans today value a whole new set of life priorities.

Quality over Quantity. Singaporeans across all generations now value mental well-being more than owning a car or condo.

Top three most important priorities of Singapore residents:
1. Having good mental well-being (70%)
2. Spending time with those who matter the most (66%)
3. Being able to live carefree and just go with the flow (45%)

Top three least important priorities of Singapore residents:
1. Being part of an exclusive club (90%)
2. Owning a car (74%)
3. Owning a credit card (69%)

“As part of our #MoreThanAnyNumber movement, we hope to continue to champion the view that everyone can define and create their own success. These survey findings confirm what we believe – that Singaporeans today are no longer preoccupied by metrics-based achievements or material possessions. Instead, they want a better quality of life, better mental well-being, and to be able to live on their own terms,“ said Jeanette Wong, Singapore Growth Lead, Circles.Life.

*Out of the 1000 survey respondents, about 90% of them are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents.

Experiencing a global pandemic has caused a profound shift in what Singaporeans value.

The pandemic has likely contributed to this shift in priorities. According to the survey, about two out of three Singaporeans value mental well-being more today compared to two years ago. In addition, 61% of Singaporeans value spending time with loved ones and 46% value a carefree life more than they did two years ago.

These findings are aligned with global reports, confirming that the pandemic has deepened our commitment to mental well-being, making it the number one priority across the world.

A bridge across the generations – Gen Zs and Baby Boomers value mental well-being more than other generations.

While it may be no surprise that Gen Zs (aged 18 – 25) value mental health with 69% ranking it their top life priority, the survey revealed that 74% of Baby Boomers (aged 58 – 76) and 70% of Gen Xs (aged 42 – 57) have ranked mental health even more highly as their top priority, alongside millennials (aged 26 – 41) coming slightly behind at 68%.

Top Priorities Across Generations

Gen Zs (aged 13 – 25)
1. Having good mental well-being (69%)
2. Getting to spend more time with the people who matter most to me (67%)
3. Being able to live carefree and just go with the flow (45%)

Millennials (aged 26 – 41)
1. Having good mental well-being (68%)
2. Getting to spend more time with the people who matter most to me (64%)
3. Being able to live carefree and just go with the flow (44%)

Gen Xs (aged 42 – 57)
1. Having good mental well-being (70%)
2. Getting to spend more time with the people who matter most to me (63%)
3. Being able to live carefree and just go with the flow (45%)

Baby Boomers (aged 58 – 76)
1. Having good mental well-being (74%)
2. Getting to spend more time with the people who matter most to me (72%)
3. Being able to live carefree and just go with the flow (46%)

The takeaway? Your boss and parents may care more about your mental well-being than you think.

Circles.Life introduces Singapore’s new value-based 5Cs that reflect how Singaporeans today view life as #morethananynumber

*Gen Z consists of individuals aged 13 – 25 (as of 2022). However, respondents of this survey were all aged 18 and above.

These findings point to a simple fact – it is time to move on from judging success by results-based achievements or material possessions. The survey shows a desire among Singaporeans to prioritise mental well-being, loved ones and living a carefree life, regardless of age or gender.

To reflect these shifting values, Circles.Life introduces the new value-based 5Cs of Singapore – Compassionate, Carefree, Connected, Courageous and Creative. These 5Cs are the top five values as ranked by respondents out of a list of seven values: Compassionate, Carefree, Connected, Courageous, Creative, Curious, Cultured.

They are based on a series of statements that respondents react to – from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

The survey revealed that there’s more to Singaporeans than their outstanding achievements. In fact, being compassionate is the value that Singaporeans most relate to – with 74% saying they’d like to lend a helping hand to those going through times of difficulty and 71% believing there should be greater equality among the different ethnicities, genders, sexualities and economic statuses.

This is not the first time that the digital telco has challenged societal norms when it comes to priorities and values. In 2021, Circles.Life sparked conversation around Singapore’s emphasis on numbers in its #morethananynumber brand campaign – exam scores, salary, life milestones. These latest survey findings validate that the majority of Singaporeans are ready to move on from these traditional life priorities and values, and to embrace new ones.

“Challenging the status quo has always been part of Circles.Life’s DNA. We never let ourselves be shackled by rules or the expected. This mindset has enabled us to consistently disrupt the legacy telco industry by not simply doing things the way they’ve always been done, but by doing what’s right for the consumer,“ said Jeanette Wong, Singapore Growth Lead, Circles.Life.

To meet the evolving pursuits and values of Singaporeans, Circles.Life presents solutions to power the new 5Cs so they can live life on their own terms.

Which of the new 5Cs are you?

You are a caring, thoughtful and empathetic person who is passionate about helping others. You care about the environment and you believe that there should be greater equality between genders, sexualities, ethnicities, social economic statuses.

Your Circles.Life Solution
Family Plan: One plan, one bill with the family you choose.

* Out of the 1000 survey respondents, 633 respondents identified with one of these seven values, while the remaining respondents identified with more than one of these seven values.

You live in the moment and you are not easily bogged down by the expectations of others. You march to the beat of your own drum and have a positive outlook on life.

Your Circles.Life Solution
* Any plan. Circles.Life is about flexibility and no contracts. You have the freedom to choose and add-on what you want as you go.

You are a highly energetic individual who loves to stay connected with your friends and family. You are usually the first to try out new technology, and you enjoy expanding your social network. Staying on top of the latest trends and spending quality time with your loved ones is also important to you.

Your Circles.Life Solution
* Family Plan: A plan to share with people you love.

You are brave and you value doing the right thing, even if it is unconventional or uncomfortable. You are resilient when it comes to facing challenges and setbacks and you’re no stranger to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Your Circles.Life Solution
Unlimited Data plan: No contracts, no limits. Ready to push the boundaries with you.

You are imaginative and most likely a risk-taker who enjoys coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. You express yourself in creative and sometimes unconventional ways. You are energised by fresh ideas and like to engage in creative work.

Your Circles.Life Solution
* Data-only: To power boost your fresh ideas and creative juices.

Want to know which of these 5Cs you belong to? Head over to Circles.Life’s website to take the quiz today:

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