Medi Lifestyle aims to be premium healthcare and wellness group

When Covid-19 hit in an unprecedented way, the world had to quickly adapt and re-organise to the circumstances.

Globally, new regulations and measures were introduced, laws were realigned and personal lifestyle changes on an individual level were reinforced. Now everyone is adapting to the new norm – the new way of life, business and survival.

MEDI LIFESTYLE, formerly known as IEV Holdings Limited, was incorporated in Singapore on 26 July 2011 and became a public listed company on 7 October 2011.

The Company’s previous core business was the provision of a range of integrated engineering solutions to support the offshore oil and gas industry predominantly in the Asia-Pacific Region.

In October 2019, the Company diversified into the healthcare sector, postpartum care and wellness business, initially with the provision of post-partum care in Malaysia and Singapore.

On 25 November 2020, the Company fully divested itself of the Engineering Business and on 26 November 2020 changed its name to Medi Lifestyle Limited to reflect the Company’s primary focus on the Healthcare Business.

Aiming to be one of the best health care service providers, the Company continuously identifies and strategises growth opportunities for complementary areas of services in the aesthetics, wellness and healthcare sectors.

“The Covid-19 pandemic was a key challenge affecting the global economy as business activities were curtailed by lockdowns, curfews and safe distancing measures implemented by governments to halt the spread of the virus,” said Dato’ Low Koon Poh (below) Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “The Group’s key operating locations of Malaysia and Singapore were similarly affected, with the former undergoing continuing rounds of movement restrictions due to resurgence of infections. Through these disruptive times, we took the lead to forge ahead and achieved notable milestones and are enroute to becoming a full-fledged healthcare and wellness group in the region.”

Moving forward, in 2021-22, there are exciting plans to establish MEDI LIFESTYLE as the premium healthcare and wellness group with the post-partum services to be launched in the last quarter of 2021 in Singapore. Demand for post-partum services has seen a steep rise as new parents are embracing post-partum centres to care for mothers and their newborns instead of traditional confinement services.

This shift is accelerated by Covid-19 related limitations. Before the pandemic, Malaysia was the primary source of confinement nannies for Singapore. However, the pandemic and border restrictions have resulted in new parents having to contend with a limited number of Malaysian and local nannies and having to turn to their parents and confinement agencies for help. Confinement agencies are grappling with the surge in demand for experienced nannies and in addition to increased fees, new parents also have to bear Stay Home Notice (SHN) expenses for nannies entering Singapore as per the regulations.

The pandemic gave MEDI LIFESTYLE an opportunity to acquire premises that have closed down and convert them into post-partum service centres. The idea was to provide a professional, one-stop complete suite of postnatal care for both mother and baby.

Nadora, a professional postpartum wellness care service centre was launched in Malaysia in 2020 to weave together traditional confinement practices and contemporary nursing care. It combines the expertise of healthcare practitioners and wellness specialists to curate a wellness programme that takes care of everything a mother needs.

It provides a place for mothers to rest and heal after birth. Babies are also well taken care of too.

Nadora also provides personalised wellness services, including yoga sessions, newborn care consultation, breastfeeding support and genetic profiling.

In Singapore, renovation works for the first postpartum centre at Hendon Road is scheduled to be completed by the last quarter of 2021.

MEDI LIFESTYLE has also incorporated Back to Life Sdn. Bhd., which will offer services related to alternative medicine including traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic and physiotherapy services.

These services will be available in its postpartum centres as well as stand-alone centres.

Currently, MEDI LIFESTYLE has two postpartum centres and a chiropractic and physiology centre in Malaysia.

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