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Chocolatier blends Singapore food heritage into fusion-flavoured chocolates

CHOCOELF, a beloved homegrown chocolate brand established in 2005 and known for its artisanal approach to chocolate-making has collaborated with three iconic Singaporean brands – Tai Hua Food Industries, Fragrance Foodstuff, and Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee – to infuse their expertise and unique flavours in three new chocolate bars which celebrate local flavours and heritage. The chocolates will be presented to an international stage through 11 duty-free chocolate stores at Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4.

With a commitment to honouring the Lion City’s culinary diversity, CHOCOELF’s latest additions are to add on to their 100% Made in Singapore range which includes their bestseller Kaya Toast, Orchid Vanilla, Nanyang Coffee and Chilli Pepper.

CHOCOELF’s 100% Made in Singapore range is designed to tantalise the taste buds while also reflecting the vibrant spirit of the nation – a perfect gift or souvenir for friends and family abroad.

Experience the brand-new premium flavours with an Asian twist, where each chocolate bar offers a delightful blend of sweet and savoury, delivering an unforgettable sensory experience that captures the essence of Singapore’s multicultural palate.

Umami Soy Brew Chocolate Bar is crafted in collaboration with Tai Hua Food Industries, renowned for their 77-year legacy in soy sauce making. The Asian answer to classical salted caramel flavour. This chocolate bar offers a bold rich and savoury flavour derived from soy sauce, creating a one-of-a-kind taste experience that honours a household ingredient in Asian cuisine.

Fluffy Chicken Floss Chocolate Bar is developed in partnership with Fragrance Foodstuff, celebrated for its 55 years of expertise in bak kwa and Asian meat snacks. Indulge in the delightful blend of sweet and savoury with this innovative chocolate delight, featuring chicken floss crisps enrobed in tempered milk chocolate. This combination captures the essence of Singaporean snacking culture.

The utmost Black Cold Brew Chocolate Bar was created in collaboration with Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, revered for their decade-long expertise in specialty coffee roasting. Enjoy the flavourful, aromatic notes of cold brew coffee infused into luxurious dark chocolate, offering a decadent treat for coffee lovers and chocolate aficionados alike.

CHOCOELF’s collaboration with Tai Hua Food Industries, Fragrance Foodstuff, and Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee was carefully curated to ensure that each flavour complements the taste and physical characteristics of chocolate. After extensive research and development, the partners successfully integrated their respective ingredients into the chocolate bars, creating a fusion of flavours that are distinctively their own.

CHOCOELF’s aim to create a sweet-salted chocolate with the humble soybean was realised through collaboration with Tai Hua Food Industries. Tai Hua’s expertise in soy sauce making, coupled with innovative dehydration technology, resulted in a distinct rich umami flavour in the Soy Brew Chocolate Bar.

Fragrance Foodstuff’s decades of experience in producing spiced savoury meats made them the perfect partner for the Chicken Floss Chocolate Bar. After careful selection, Fragrance discovered that the soft texture of meat floss paired perfectly with milk chocolate, creating a savoury delight.

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee’s extensive knowledge of coffee led to the selection of the Jet Candy+ coffee roast for the Black Cold Brew Chocolate Bar. This modified roast profile, named after gemstones, complements the dark chocolate with caramel and molasses flavours along with a hint of stone fruit acidity.

From April 2024 onwards, available at CHOCOELF’s official retail distributor, The Cocoa Trees: The Best Candy Shop in Singapore, conveniently located at their 11 duty-free chocolate stores across all four terminals of Changi Airport and Taste Singapore located at T1 Changi Airport and T4 Changi Airport. Each bar is priced at S$12.50 per box (duty-free).

Locals seeking to satisfy their chocolate cravings, head to the CHOCOELF Specialty Chocolate Cafe at 232 South Bridge Raoad, Singapore 058781.

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