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LASALLE art exhibitions look at challenging contemporary issues

Interdisciplinarity and research-based practice are core to LASALLE College of the Arts’ education ethos, and two new exhibitions in February at LASALLE’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore fully embody these ideals. Through innovative curatorial practice, Encounter under the banyan and head heap heat seed multiple avenues of inquiry on contemporary art in Singapore and internationally.

Singaporean artist Jason Lim transforms ICA Singapore’s gallery into a space for performance through two durational pieces that explore ideas of change and risk. Duet with light and Under the shadow of the banyan tree sees Jason beginning with an empty space, and returning to it frequently to resume work with candlelight and clay. As Jason revisits these works, having previously performed them at Venice International Performance Week 2012 and Jakarta Biennale 2017 respectively, they become a continuation of his study into process-driven practice.

“Throughout my time working with clay, I began to understand that it is the process that matters first,” Jason said. “I see performance art as art-making in action, and every performance is therefore a way for me to deepen my practice through new experiences. Every work of mine builds on the last.”

Bala Starr, Director of ICA Singapore, said: “Jason’s performative approach to this exhibition extends the studio practice of LASALLE’s Fine Arts students. Given the close proximity between the Earl Lu Gallery and the students’ studio spaces, there is much opportunity for students to engage in ‘live’ study of an established artist’s practice, especially one who has graduated from LASALLE.”

These observations are reinforced with ICA Singapore’s invitation of four international artists to showcase works from their ongoing practice in head heap heat, a multi-disciplinary exhibition that encompasses film, installation, text, painting and performance. This eclectic composition of works presents a unique opportunity to partake in open dialogue about challenging contemporary issues, such as identity fluidity and geopolitical power, while maintaining a distance through the genre of the imaginary.

With the gallery segmented into four zones, two lit and two unlit, the space beckons one in with intriguing experiential cues. Kampung Melayu–Pasar Senen PP by Yola Yulfianti is an installation that employs film and layers of tulle to transport the bustle of Jakarta’s streetscape and nightlife into the gallery. Through a dizzying kaleidoscope of noise and image, Yola aims to reveal the complexities of urban living, and is part of her current doctoral research into how preoccupied denizens appear to close themselves off to their surroundings.

As the curatorial division of LASALLE, ICA Singapore also encourages cross-pollination of learning between students and visiting artists. Participating artist in head heap heat, Madison Bycroft, will be performing Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies with 10 Diploma in Dance students at The Substation on 16 March. Through avenues such as these, new and established artists are able exchange ideas and inform one another’s practice at a more granular level.

Jason Lim: Encounter under the banyan
Exhibition opening: Friday, 9 Feb 2018, 6:30pm
Exhibition period: 13 Feb 2018 – 12 Apr 2018
Earl Lu Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally St, Singapore 187940
Opening hours: Noon – 7pm, Tue to Sun
Closed on Mon and public holidays

Performance schedule for Encounter under the banyan

Duet with light:
Friday, 9 February, 6:30pm –8:30pm
Wednesday, 14 February, 7pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday, 21 February, 7pm – 8:30pm

Please note that on the above performance days, the gallery will close at 6pm and re-open at 7pm.

Under the shadow of the banyan tree:
Tuesday, 13 March – Sunday, 18 March, Noon – 7pm

head heap heat
Exhibition opening: Fri, 9 Feb 2018, 6:30pm
Exhibition period: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 – Thu, 12 Apr 2018
Gallery 1, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally St, Singapore 187940
Opening hours: Noon – 7pm, Tue to Sun
Closed on Mon and public holidays

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