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Ippin launches vast Japanese sake online collection

The e-commerce platform Ippin has launched one of the Internet’s largest sake collections, bringing the Japanese rice wine to customers throughout Asia and beyond.

The online shopping mall specialises in direct sales of “Japan-quality” items, delivering them direct to customers’ doors in a broad selection of countries. Now its collection of over 1,350 varieties of sake has been made available to the world, allowing them to be purchased online with the click of a button.

Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine and an intrinsic part of Japanese culture. It has grown in popularity in recent years, and demand for this fermented beverage has increased worldwide. By linking customers around the world with suppliers in Japan, Ippin is now able to help meet this demand and share this rich element of Japanese culture beyond its borders.

By facilitating the delivery of sake direct from supplier warehouses in Japan, Ippin has opened up the market for Japanese sake like never before. Customers worldwide can now choose from the vast selection available on their website and have the drink delivered to their doors within a week.

Rare and exclusive varieties of the rice wine can be ordered safely and securely online in the customer’s own language. By ordering through a trusted company, the elements of risk and uncertainty often involved when ordering from abroad have been removed.

Ippin’s CEO Takemoto Yasunobu said: “We at Ippin Japan Mall are working on bringing Japan quality to the world. There are many rare products in Japan that people in other countries cannot reach such as Japanese sake. For that reason, we have collaborated with local Japanese sellers to create one of the largest Japanese sake collections online. Now, everyone can find their favourite sake, even the very rare ones. We hope they enjoy shopping at Ippin.”

Ippin’s mission is to “bring Japan to the world” by making available the widest selection of Japanese products to customers across the globe. Their vision is to become Asia’s No. 1 e-commerce company, linking trustworthy Japanese sellers providing high-quality “Made in Japan”, “Designed in Japan” and “Popular in Japan” products with a wider market. They are currently active in 16 countries.

Ippin is a part of the C-Connect Corporation, a highly trusted company in Japan which amongst other activities operates Japan’s No.1 printer ink retailing store,


Ippin’s collection of over 1350 varieties of Sake is available now for delivery to the following countries:
Hong Kong:
South Korea:

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