World series of fitness racing Hyrox returns to Singapore

After the  success of the inaugural Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore event in October 2023, the world series of fitness racing, Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore will be returning to the Singapore National Stadium for a second event on 29 June, 2024.

The upcoming event is the only in-stadium experience in APAC and is also set to hold the record for having the largest attendance in a single day HYROX event.

HYROX is not just a race for elite athletes; it’s a race for everyone, with no finishing time restrictions and no prior qualifications required to enter.

All participants — from elite athletes to casual gym-goers — are welcome to run the race at their own pace, supported by a crowd of friends, family and fellow participants.

As with each edition, expect waves of varied race categories happening throughout the day, where participants of all levels will compete against and with each other, fostering a uniquely inclusive experience.

The HYROX format comprises a 1km run leading to a functional workout station, repeated eight times. Participants can choose to enter solo, team up for the doubles division, or take part as a relay team of four. The stations include:

  • 1,000m SkiErg
  • 50m sled pull
  • 50m sled push
  • 80m burpee broad jumps
  • 1,000m rowing
  • 200m farmers carry
  • 100m sandbag lunges
  • 75 or 100 wall balls

HYROX APAC Managing Director Gary Wan said: “After the overwhelming response to our debut event in October last year, we are very excited to return to the Singapore National Stadium this June. The upcoming event will be the biggest one day race in HYROX history so far as well as the only in-stadium experience in the Asia Pacific region. We are thrilled that the city’s vibrant fitness community has shown such incredible enthusiasm for the return of Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore, and we can’t wait to provide an even better race-day experience this time around.”

“Whether you’re an elite athlete pushing to achieve a personal best, or someone new to fitness and just aiming to complete the course, HYROX is different from other fitness challenges as we are all about providing an inclusive and supportive environment and community.”

Raymond Ng, CEO & Country Manager, Cigna Healthcare Singapore & Australia, said, “We are honoured to partner with HYROX for the second year in a row, underscoring our commitment to building a better future founded on the health and vitality of our community. As advocates for whole health and wellbeing, we are delighted by the continued enthusiasm for the HYROX race. This year, our Cigna Healthcare team that will be participating in the race consists of 30 participants, comprising employees, customers, business partners, and friends, reflecting our shared dedication to wellness.”

HYROX started in Germany in 2017 with 650 competitors and has since expanded to 21 countries with over 90,000 participants in 2023 alone.

Due to its unique approach to making fitness an inclusive competition, HYROX has recently been named in TIME Magazine’s annual TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2024 list.

The 2024 season will see HYROX increase its reach to 26 countries, including 63 events across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, with the world championship event taking place from the 7-9th of June, in Nice, France.

Join us for a fitness experience like no other. Applicants who are keen to take part in Cigna Healthcare | HYROX Singapore can register through the official HYROX website:

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