Join GaiGai’s one-day cupid programme and create love stories

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a matchmaker? GaiGai, Singapore’s premier offline matchmaking service, is giving the public a chance to step into the role and create love stories. “The One Day Cupid” program offers participants the rare opportunity to step into the shoes of a professional matchmaker for a day, creating special dates for their single friends.

In this exciting new initiative, lucky participants will be selected to matchmake their friends. They will plan the entire matchmaking journey, from the initial meeting to follow-up dates, guided by GaiGai’s professional team.

Founded in Singapore, GaiGai has been at the forefront of traditional matchmaking, known for its personalized and effective approach. GaiGai combines time-honored techniques with modern insights to ensure each match is meaningful. With a strong track record of successful matches, GaiGai’s new campaign, “The One Day Cupid,” aims to share this experience with participants who will get a taste of the matchmaking process.

Program Highlights:

  1. Learn the Matchmaking Process: Participants will start from writing profiles to arranging dates, gaining insight into the intricacies of matchmaking.
  2. Experience the Fun and Challenges: Discover the joys and difficulties of helping others find love, experiencing firsthand the emotional and logistical aspects of matchmaking.
  3. Curate a Date for Your Friend: Participants’ friends will go on dates specially arranged by them, offering a personalized touch to the matchmaking experience.

“GaiGai has always believed in the power of personal connections. This campaign is a unique way to share our passion for matchmaking with the community,” said Danchen Zhang, Marketing Manager at GaiGai. “Participants, especially those passionate about helping their single friends find love, will gain invaluable insights into the art of matchmaking in a fun and meaningful way.”

Sign-Up Process:

  • Register Your Interest: Sign up via GaiGai’s website here.
  • Team Contact: Our team will arrange a short call to learn more about you.
  • Selection Period: We will select up to three participants who must agree to be filmed throughout the programme.
  • Matchmaker Day: Come to our office for a day of matchmaking.
  • Date Experience: Your friend will go on the date and provide feedback.
  • Certificate Presentation: Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

For more details or assistance, WhatsApp GaiGai Events at +65 9663 9861

Applications are open until 31st May.

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