vOilah! to showcase vibrant tapestry of French culture in Singapore

Presented by the Embassy of France in Singapore, the vOilah! France Singapore Festival 2024 returns from 25 April to 26 May 2024 to immerse visitors in the vibrant tapestry of French culture in Singapore through continued partnerships between France and Singapore.

This year’s programme line-up promises an incredible curation of offerings across audiovisual arts, performing arts, visual arts, lifestyle, sports, science, gastronomy and music.

Celebrating passions amid a landmark cultural year for France

Under the theme of “Celebrating Passions,” vOilah! 2024 pays homage to France’s landmark year, highlighted by its hosting of the Summer Olympics for the third time.

This celebration of passions underscores the driving force behind individuals striving for excellence in their respective fields, leaving lasting legacies, and driving positive change in society.

Ambassador of France to Singapore Minh-di Tang said: “Since its inception, vOilah! has fostered a vibrant exchange of culture, creativity and artistry between France and Singapore, showcasing the deep bonds of friendship that bind our communities together. This year, we hope for vOilah! to be a stage for people from both countries to showcase the fruits of their labours, and we hope it will inspire ideas and allow for new possibilities to take root as our nations unite in our mutual appreciation for cultural diversity.”

Wide swath of experiences made better by France-Singapore collaborations

Staying true to the festival’s intention to showcase the best of French and Singaporean innovation and creativity, this edition is supported by more than 50 local and international partners.

Together, these programme partners have put together a diverse festival line-up, which cuts across an exciting range of genres, to offer festival goers a chance to discover powerful expressions of passion, and unique perspectives made possible and better through cross-cultural explorations.

One such example in the festival line-up is Tartuffe: The Imposter which is staged by Wild Rice. The 360- year-old play created by French playwright Moliere was adapted into a hilarious new script, that follows Tartuffe – a charming, seductive con artist – masquerading as a man of faith as he weasels his way into an unsuspecting wealthy family’s home, heart and bank account.

The festival also commemorates the French legends and icons that are still beloved by Singaporeans today.

Alliance Francaise de Singapour pays grand tribute to Antoine de Saint Exupery, the highly acclaimed author of The Little Prince with the exhibition Saint Exupery: A Legacy, which retraces his journey, with original artefacts, screenings, readings, and conferences.

Meanwhile, Piaf! The Show is a musical tribute to Edith Piaf, the French musical icon of the 1940s, well known for her trademark song ‘La vie en Rose’ that has been covered by modern artists such as Madonna, Michael Buble, and Lady Gaga.

The musical celebrates the life and music of the legendary French chanteuse as inspired by the Academy Award-winning film La Vie En Rose and Marion Cotillard’s moving portrayal of Edith.

The festival will close with a special programme Artletics which is a vibrant celebration of urban artistry and athletic prowess.

Led by the Embassy of France in Singapore and Art Outreach in the lead up to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, the two-day event will see French and Singaporean urban artists transform the Somerset Skate Park in the heart of Orchard Road into an inspiring canvas that channels their creativity and passion.

A nod to integration of urban sports into the Olympics, the space will also see skateboarding athletes from both countries coming together to showcase their talents. The project embraces the spirit of street culture and aims to unite France and Singapore through youth, urban sports, and art.

On top of these highlights, festival goers can also look forward to other performances such as Moby Dick by French-Norwegian artist Yngvild Aspeli, who brought the classic story to life with puppets and video projections; classical and jazz performances at the enchanting Botanic Gardens; and recitals by one of the leading harpists in the world today Xavier de Maistre.

Those who are passionate about environmental causes can also take part in a public France -Singapore forum Nature in the City in partnership with France’s National Museum of Natural History that aims to raise awareness of current issues related to the knowledge, importance, function and preservation of biodiversity in urban areas.

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