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Enjoy home-style North Indian delights at Indian Express

Indian Express, located at Racecourse Road, offers Northern Indian menu and Indian-Chinese dishes at affordable prices. Costs start from $6 and a person usually ends up paying just $20++.

The second concept by the management behind The Song of India is helmed by executive chef Umed Singh, a protégé of Michelin-starred chef Manjunath Mural. Together, they have curated a menu of dishes that highlight the best from Northern India.

Northern Delights

Meat lovers will delight in the signature Punjabi-style Tandoori Mix Grill Platter ($19), a hearty medley of lamb chop, fish, chicken tikka and kebab that have been grilled in the tandoor and served on a sizzling hotplate alongside a refreshing mint yogurt sauce.

The succulent morsels of Methi Fish ($12) in a tangy fenugreek curry with peppercorns and Kashmiri Lamb Rack Wazwan ($14) – tender, juicy lamb that is marinated in a blend of herbs and spices – are also popular.

The well-loved Northern Indian classics can also be found here, including Palak Paneer ($10) with its smooth, pureed spinach and melt-in-your-mouth cottage cheese cubes, and Butter Chicken ($14) cooked in a creamy, tomato sauce.

Desserts & Drinks

Chef Umed doesn’t just present savoury dishes, guests can also expect authentic Indian sweets as well. Look out for the lentil-based Moong Dal Halwa ($4.50) and Carrot Halwa ($4.50), popular wintertime puddings made from ghee, milk and sugar.

There is also the Brownie Sizzler ($7.50), where creamy vanilla ice-cream and a warm chocolate fudge brownie are served on a sizzling hot plate and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

There’s plenty to choose from to quench your thirst. Non-alcoholic beverages include a cup of freshly brewed Masala Tea ($3) and a glass of ice-cold Lassi ($4).

For something stronger, Indian Express offers your favourite beers, red or white wine ($28/btl), and an extensive list of spirits that includes Jack Daniels ($7/glass)Glenfidditch ($8/glass) and Macallan 12 Years ($12/glass).

 Indian-Chinese Menu

When Chinese settlers first put down roots in Kolkata in the 1700s, they wove Indian culture and beliefs into their own lifestyle and formed a new, vibrant community. They also adapted their own recipes with well-loved Indian spices and ingredients, enhancing them with bolder, richer flavours that suited the local palate. This led to the opening of the first Indian-Chinese restaurant in Kolkata 90 years ago. Since then the cuisine has boomed in popularity across India.

Bringing the world of Indian-Chinese cuisine to Indian Express, chef Umed has created an innovative variety of dishes that perfectly illustrate the marriage of the two cultures.

Boasting an extensive list of noodles, rice, meats and soups, guests will find familiar Chinese dishes that have been tweaked to include more robust, spicy flavours. These include the Szechuan Egg Fried Rice ($12); Chili Garlic Hakka Noodles ($10) and Chili Chicken ($14) that have all been very well-received by guests.  

Catering by Indian Express

Indian Express also offers a catering option so guests can enjoy their favourite dishes during their intimate parties at home, or at special occasions of weddings and birthdays, and large corporate events of up to 200 pax.

Prices for the Standard Menu starts at $11.90 per pax for a selection of five dishes, including Assorted Naan and Butter Chicken; and goes upwards to $26.90 per pax for the Supreme Menu that offers 15 dishes including Mughlai Fish Masala and Royal Hyderabad Biryani. There is also an option that allows guests to customize their own menus according to their preferences and party size.

Said executive chef Umed Singh: “Our philosophy at Indian Express is to present quality, honest, comfort food at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy our Indian delicacies again and again.”

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