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Eliza: A modern Asian bar and cocktail club

SINGAPORE: Eliza, the prodigal daughter of a very powerful man, returns. Her mother, the second wife, succumbed to addiction when she was a teenager, leaving Eliza to depend on her stepmother Mona, who most refer to as Sum Yi Tai (meaning “Third Wife” in Cantonese).

Eliza is the brainchild of Coterie Concepts, led by Eu-Yen Tay, who co-founded The Butter Factory, and Sandra Sim, who was a restaurant owner in Shanghai. Coterie Concepts brings its Group Chief Bartender Sam Wong in collaboration with Gordon Foo, Managing Director of the former Shanghai Dolly, and DJ Aldrin of Zouk fame together for Eliza. This collaboration of veterans with complementary areas of expertise, backgrounds and specialities, all share the common belief that entertainment in Singapore is evolving into a more holistic experience for guests.

A modern Asian Bar and Cocktail Club, Eliza is the new age of entertainment in Singapore. A departure from the traditional nightclub experience, Eliza brings guests a holistic and engaging nightlife experience that exudes a charm that is elegantly timeless.

Guests can expect carefully curated cocktails, paired with Shanghai dishes and live jazz rearrangements of pop music, seamlessly transitioning into nu-disco DJ sets. Guests will be truly transported into the world of Eliza as soon as they step through doors.

The Story Continues

As the Third Wife of Dai Lo (meaning Big Boss in Cantonese), Mona was a powerful woman. Growing up, she experienced the hardships of life and was determined to find a better future for herself. At 16, she set foot in Hong Kong to become a Songstress, quickly becoming the crowd favourite – commanding applause and patronage whenever she went, including Dai Lo who instantly fell for her. Drawn to his power and influence, Mona was swept into a whirlwind of sequins, music, laughter and alcohol and soon became the third wife, or Sum Yi Tai as she’s more affectionately known.

Growing up, Eliza rebelled against Mona, resisting any control she tried to instil in her life, advocating the freedom of choice. Upon turning 18, she moved to London to pursue fashion design and her love for jazz. When she graduated, she opened her fashion studio, and in a rebellious bid for her share of the family’s business, Eliza stormed back to Shanghai, moving her thriving studio to the vibrant city with her – after all, she is the Dragon’s daughter.


Group Chief Bartender Sam Wong has created a dynamic cocktail menu divided into three distinct categories; Classic, Vintage and Signature that transport guests to the glamorous period of post-millennial Shanghai.

The Vintage section exhibits well-crafted libations, steeped in history from the 1800’s, with distinct flavour profiles to please each guest’s palate. The Classics showcase six curated tipples inspired by Eliza’s connection to London and a homage to the Gold Age of Cocktails. For those looking for adventure, the carefully designed Signature cocktails identify a mood or moment in time with the eponymous Eliza. This narrative section of the cocktail menu depicts the character in a number of scenarios, to enable the guest to connect with Eliza.

For a strong yet balanced take on an Old Fashioned, Drums & Sax (S$22) is an eclectic fusion of Old Tom Gin and Ginger Liqueur. Chamomile syrup and honey are added for depth and sweetness, which is delicately balanced with the spicy notes from the Peychaud Bitters.

The Custom Cut (S$22++) is Eliza’s drink for when she is designing her famous pinstripe suits. The tastefully reinvented Highball cocktail incorporates a block of frozen Campari with orange soda for a skilfully balanced concoction. This innovative drink morphs from light and refreshing to deep and complex, as the Campari ice block slowly melts.

Rise (S$25) is playful concoction inspired by the classic Bellini and an ode to Eliza’s uprising. A refreshingly fruity libation made up of bubbles and homemade strawberry sorbet, this quirky cocktail is served with a spoon.

For the guests drawn towards spirit-driven cocktails, On the Bund (S$22) is a refreshing concoction consisting of Applejack and Coconut Rum. Banana Liqueur and Cinnamon Syrup adds depth and sweetness, and subtly balances the acidity from the Angostura Bitters.

Finally, the Dragon’s Daughter (S$22) is the epitome of Shanghai elegance. Inspired by the classic martini, this delicate, full-bodied cocktail made with Botanist Gin, St Germain, Peychaud Bitters and a touch of vinegar for a sophisticated cocktail that unites flowery aromas with sweet undertones.

Live Entertainment

Soak in the live jazzy re-arrangements of pop music, or “pop jazz” as Eliza calls it. On stage, talented musicians perform in an intimate space that aptly evokes the glamorous Shanghai atmosphere. The buzzing ambience lends an air of excitement as the music evolves seamlessly throughout the night into the sounds of nu-disco sets from DJ Aldrin, complementing the live band before taking over the floor into the early morning.

Décor and Ambience

Upon entering, the statement glass cabinet full of embellished custom-made collars immediately transports guests into Eliza’s fashion studio, excluding an air of exclusivity and elegance. Designed by Coterie Concepts, patrons are immersed in a sophisticated set of stylish, comfortable luxury, ideal for early evening cocktails, relaxed dining, or late night drinks and socialising. Outfitted to resemble Eliza’s studio, the dimly lit lounge showcases plush pinstripe chairs that offer front row seats to the live entertainment. The bar itself runs the length of the space on one side, where gold mirrored tiles are the backdrop, reflecting light onto the deep midnight blue walls.

Join Eliza in her uprising every Monday to Saturday, from 5pm to 3am (Mon-Fri) and 6pm to 4am (Sat). Reservations can be made via [email protected].

113 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068582
Tel: +65 6781 4708
Email: [email protected]

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