Dazzling Island Lights and Pikachu Night Parade at Sentosa

SINGAPORE, NOVEMBER 14: The picturesque sunsets of Sentosa’s Palawan Beach are set to transform into enigmatic and photo-worthy visual treats with the return of Island Lights, which will be bigger and brighter for the year-end holiday season.

Previously known as Pop Up Night, Island Lights 2018 will be home to some 10 Instagrammable installations, as well as the inaugural Pikachu Night Parade outside Japan.

Island Lights

Expect a visceral experience that excites the senses, with unique installations integrated with the beauty and uniqueness of Palawan Beach’s landscape.

Highlights include:

  • Local artist Yang’s ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Wonderland, a multi-sensory interactive representation of pop culture and social media which guests can explore with four out of their five senses – sight, smell, touch and hearing.
  • Crowd favourite Sam Lo’s (a.k.a. Sticker Lady) thought provoking Betelgeuse Supernova, where logic-defying structures – all designed with reflective surfaces – will  show that there is more to them (and life) than meets the eye, depending on the perspective from which they are viewed.
  • The iconic Palawan Pirate Ship (PPS), well-known for its unique water play, will also be dressed for the occasion in neon livery. From 16 November to 31 December, PPS’ opening hours will be extended to 10.30pm every Thursday to Sunday, during which guests can enjoy activities including glitter slime-making and rock painting.

Plus, from Thursdays to Sundays, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere by the beach and be entertained by live performances. Those feeling peckish can also look forward to a selection of light bites – all happening at the Chill N’ Cheers area!

Pikachu Night Parade

Everyone’s favourite Pokémon, Pikachu, will also be joining the Island Lights party, marking the first Pikachu night parade outside Japan! Taking place from 7.30pm on 14-16 and 21-23 December 2018, the Pikachu Night Parade will see a posse of nine adorable Pikachu dolled up in LED lights as they march and dance along a 100m route, past Palawan Pirate Ship and Palawan Kidz City. Audiences can choose to line themselves along the route at Palawan Beach Walk to capture sights of Pikachu performing and dancing along to funky beats!

The Palawan Pirate Ship, in the spirit of all things Pokémon, will also be decorated with Pokémon fan favourites such as Pikachu and Eevee.

“At Sentosa, the fun doesn’t stop at dusk.  In fact, nights at Sentosa this year-end period offers more fun and excitement as we continuously bring unique, after-dark leisure experiences to our guests. By taking advantage of the landscape at Palawan Beach, Island Lights will be a great addition to our island’s existing variety of night offerings, from dining options to attractions such as Palawan Pirate Ship that continue to stay open after 6pm. We look forward to welcoming more locals and tourists to Sentosa during the upcoming holiday period,” said Ms Lynette Ang, Chief Marketing Officer of Sentosa Development Corporation.

Profiles of artists and details of key installations
Sam Lo (aka SKL0/your friendly neighbourhood Sticker Lady) is a Singapore-based visual artist
whose work revolves around social commentaries, fuelled by daily observations of her
surroundings and socio-political climate. Intrigued by culture, her bold executions in some of her
earliest forays into street art gave her the nickname of “Sticker Lady”. Since then, the artist’s work
– whether installations, large scale murals or digital designs – has been centred on understanding
the world around us and how our actions are interdependent on each other.
Installation: Betelgeuse Supernova
The journey of self-discovery and finding your inner song begins with finding out what you believe
in. By pointing ourselves in the direction of that which brings us fulfilment, we begin to discover
our truest selves. And who we are, defined by what we choose to put passion and hard work into,
comes from little pockets of self-reflection and realisation. If you look deep enough, you’ll find
that there is more to you than meets the eye; you just might find a little music in you.
The installation consists of three ‘impossible shapes’ with reflective surfaces and logic-defying
designs that invite audiences to examine the structures from different positions, thus gaining a
different perspective each time.
Jude is a city-bred, multi-disciplinary artist who was born and raised in the concrete jungle of
Singapore. Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts in Design Communications and 5 years of experience
working as a professional graphic designer, she loves dabbling in new projects that push both the
boundaries of reality and her abilities as an artist and a designer.
Installation: Unicorns.jpg
Both a dreamer and a realist, Jude enjoys producing art that merges a fantasy-like charm that is
also down-to-earth and relatable to her audience. Drawing inspiration from being surrounded by
the serenity of nature, coupled with the juxtaposition of her fascination with urban architecture,
Unicorn.jpg represents the freedom of imagination while still staying true to our island’s world-
renowned metropolitan landscape.
With her background in film, Yang is a multi-disciplinary artist who believes in creating immersive,
multi-sensory experiences. She draws influences from pop culture and is obsessed with human
behaviour. Story-telling remains the crux of her works where each piece of art, each picture and
each installation serves to connect at a deeper level – from one human to another.
Installation: ASMR Wonderland
For the millennial, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Wonderland is a social media
trend come to life and blown out of proportion. Light-hearted and fun, it is a larger-than-life
representation of pop culture. For the adults (and everyone, really), the installation is designed to
encourage a specific spatial behaviour: a public space that naturally coaxes you into relaxing,
laying on your back, and having four out of five senses stimulated. A public space for your escape.
The only indoor installation at Island Lights, the maze of sorts invites guests to take in their
surroundings as they enter and explore the installation.
Mash-Up is a local independent label that creates bold garments featuring tongue-in-cheek
references to pop culture, revolutions, and everything in between. The label’s playful, DIY
aesthetics have attracted a loyal following of enthusiastic fans and supporters, ranging from
French electro-pop singer Yelle to Australian model Bambi Northwood Blyth.
Since their inception in April 2012, Mash-Up has collaborated with brands such as UNIQLO,
TOPSHOP, Lomography, Bata Shoes and Tokyo Bikes. They also host BASH-UP club nights where
cool kids and misfits come together for a good time.
Installation: KTVMTV
KTVMTV lets you unleash your inner teenage fantasies of being a superstar!
Mash-Up combines the traditionally tacky designs of karaoke studios and the vibes of a 1990s
music video set to create a space where you can live out your childhood dreams.
Tina Fung
Originally from Copenhagen and trained in London, Tina Fungis a multidisciplinary designer and
artist. Based in Singapore for the past 8 years, she co-founded Space Objekt, a creative design
studio specialising in creating unique experiences for audiences to interact within built
environments. She has several notable works including her award-winning installation for DBS
Bank at Ultra Music Festival 2018.
Installation: Harmony
Inspired by music, the universal language of mankind, Harmony explores the intersection between
art, set design, interaction and environment. Set on the beach, the installation juxtaposes the
physical set with the natural music of its environment – the sounds of the sea.
Known for her use of neon lighting and iridescent finishing, Tina Fung designed the installation to
interact with sunlight and the sea behind it, transforming itself throughout the day.
Soph O is a Singaporean visual artist who collects and draws imagery that borders between the
mundane and extraordinary. Her practice revolves around capturing transient moments and
everyday stories, and translating them through repetition, reiteration and recurrence onto
drawings, paintings, digital illustrations, installations and murals. She graduated with a Bachelor of
Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand in 2010.
Installation: Islands, Barnacles and Other Living Dreams
An installation inspired by the microcosms of the ocean and tide pools, which strive not for
perfection but instead adapt to constant change as they grow mindfully as a community.
Similarly, the installation evolves over time as guests make a mark with their own stories, by
writing their wishes on acrylic panels and tying them to plastic chains that make up the structure.
Chan Wen Lun is an engineering student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design
(SUTD). With a passion for science and the visual arts, he aims to understand the meaning of life
through creations that city dwellers can experience.
Installation: Guiding Rain
Guiding Rain expresses the hardships of daily life (especially when living in a fast-paced city like
Singapore) through the ever-changing motion of light. Yet, the soft swaying motion of the ‘rain’
also soothes and calms those walking through it. This installation relays the message that despite
hardships in life, there is always beauty present.
Ying Jie and Megan are undergraduate students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). They share a passion for contemporary architecture and are interested in
combining art with technology, producing works that strive to amaze and bring the unexpected into our daily lives.
Installation: GeoHolo
Inspired by the wonders of what music can do in our lives, the installation simply looks like a dull
black rock from the outside. However, step within and find yourself in giant cavern of raw gems.
The mesmerising medley of lights reflecting off the inner walls is in stark contrast with the
installation’s dull exterior, and represents how music can instantly uplift, providing us with an
escape from reality.
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