CITYPlus 92.5 FM – Kuching’s 1st Business Station

Cense Media Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the launching of its third station in Malaysia called CITYPlus 92.5fm.  CITYPlus 92.5fm will go on air officially on the 28th April, 2018.   Cense Media Sdn Bhd also operates CITYPlus 106fm in Seremban/Southern Klang Valley and Kupikupifm 96.3fm in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.   Concept of CITYPlus 92.5fm -- Connecting Sarawak's Digital Economy to the World From 2018 until 2022, the Sarawak State Government will go into an overdrive mode to transform Old Kuching into a Digital Heritage. The Sarawak Digital Economy Blueprint launched on the 13th December, 2017 by the Chief Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg, is a visionary policy intended to make Sarawak into a significant global player in the digital age.   As such, CITYPlus 92.5 fm aims to position itself among the key influencers in the business community to make the Sarawak Digital Economy a reality.  It is our belief that the business community is ready and yearning to be empowered with sufficient information and financial knowledge to bring itself in alignment with the state's aspirations.   Thus, CITYPlus 92.5fm's genre as a Mandarin-based, business/infotainment station is both timely and impactful to the local business community.  We are confident that our philosophy of assisting local SMEs and entrepreneurs in fusing their talents with their entrepreneurial spirit will make Kuching a successful economic hub in Borneo.   CITYPlus 92.5fm will be among the enablers that will partner with the local business community to synergize the dynamism of Sarawak entrepreneurs making Kuching a city full of vitality and vibrancy.   Empowering the Business Community using Knowledge-driven Content CITYPlus 92.5fm utilizes knowledge-based, research-based topical issues to communicate with our listeners. Our content includes interviews, forums, and seminars featuring speakers and experts from the various fields in sharing their experiences and knowledge with our listeners. Hence, our programmes are filled with knowledge-driven content.   It is our belief that by providing a healthy focal point for the business community, so that local entrepreneurs have the confidence to take advantage of abundant opportunities the Sarawak Digital Economy has to offer.   As our team is an all-Sarawakian workforce, we also intend to bring out the pride of Sarawak in our programmes featuring local entrepreneurs and business entities and to feature them as vital drivers of the state's economic growth in the 21st century. Their roles and contribution will be recognized as a source of encouragement to others to emulate.   The CITYPlus 92.5fm Team CITYPlus FM is Malaysia's first Chinese Business Station, and it is led by our Program Director, Isaac Wong. Isaac Wong was born and raised in Sarawak. His vast experience in the radio industry stretches over 20 years. He started as a radio announcer in CATS FM in the 1990s and has since spread his wings into Asia and China. Thus, this will be no doubt be an emotional homecoming for both him and his loyal fans in Kuching. Although only just launched in May 2017, Isaac has already created CITYPlus into a unique and powerful voice among the business circles in the Seremban/Southern Klang Valley region.   CITYPlus 92.5fm in Kuching will be headed by Ms. Jean Lai, our Programme Manager of the station. Bryan Liew and Grace Chen will be hosting the Morning Drive (6-9am), "City Online" while Simon Tham and Kristine Lee will host the Evening Drive (5-8pm), "What to do after Work?".   CITY Plus 92.5fm has a strong lineup consisting of professional journalists, and broadcast DJs with rich experience in the industry. In line with our objective to break new ground, we have chosen to combine our team with fresh radio talents so that we can further enhance and cultivate new ideas and concepts in the radio industry.   In addition, investment experts and current affairs commentators will be invited to provide updates on the latest stock market conditions in Malaysian as well as those in the key Asian Markets. Local development such as the latest happenings among SMEs will be brought to live through key figures interviews not only on business but also on culture, education, lifestyle, local gourmet, eateries, travel and much more.   Who are Our Listeners? Currently, we serve the business community of Kuching to build them as business ambassadors, key opinion leaders, as well as inspirational figurehead for future generations of entrepreneurs. We want to build a new community of entrepreneurs who understand the need for a new mindset and brand-new attitude towards business partnerships that require solid synergies, positivism, optimism, good management skills, set of good ethics and strong governance in line with international approaches and expectations. It is only through a healthy coalesces of ideas and talents that we can build Sarawak a reputation as a community that possesses good values and integrity. Our stature as community that people want to do business with, is a crucial component in making the new economy a success.   Why is Our Music Different -- It is Business Not As Usual CITYPlus FM will play independent to reinforce our branding of being different, daring-to-be different and Business Not As Usual. Our unique music strategy breaks the radio tradition of solely playing top hits and mainstream music. Instead, we will be broadcasting high-quality, original, independent music to create an atmosphere of distinction yet, maintaining a high standard of pleasurable, quality listening experience.   Watch Radio -- Streaming for the Future As Sarawak leapfrogs into the digitization of its ecosystem, CITYPlus 92.5fm intends to prepare the local business community for this phenomenal transition that would catapult the city of Kuching into the world stage. This cannot be complete without the installation of the CITYPlus FM in your mobile so that we can be constantly in touch with the world.   Our Apps CITYPlus FM is available on Apple Store and Google Play. We invite you to a brand new experience of watching us derive our content, curate our information for your listening pleasure. Our App also contains a Podcast feature which you can download and listen to at any time. We promise a host of stimulating video content to entertain you because in this new age of internet, Radio is no longer just 'listened' but 'watched'.   CITYPlus 92.5fm is accessible 24/7 on Apple App Store and Google Playstore, Youtube official channel  



CITY Online /??Online 6:00 - 9:00 Bryan & Grace To kick start your mornings with reliable news updates, in-depth reviews and analysis on financial matters and events that impact your business. Announcers will engage with local experts to discuss on current issues, pain points such as kids education, lifestyle, investment and startup. Monday- ??????? Lifestyle & Well-Being Tuesday- ????? Bossy Talk Wednesday- ??168 Start-Up 168 Thursday- ????? Formula-E Friday- ???? Investment Tips
9:00- 10:00 (KL Studio)

Exclusive content from KL Studio: Monday-  Corporate Life Tuesday -  Finance In Focus Wednesday-  The VIP Thursday- Global Check-in Friday- Online Voting
CITY On Call / ?????   (KL Studio) 16:00-17:00 Exclusive content from KL Studio Monday-  Global Chinese Tuesday -  Tech Talk Wednesday-  Nature & Community Thursday- Book Review Friday- Travel & Leisure

(Kuching Studio) 17:00-20:00 Simon & Kristine To sum up the day with market updates, daily trending topics and social related matters. DJs will explore topics on digital economy, arts and culture and successful stories of our local influential leaders.   Monday- AI???  Gen AI Tuesday- ??925  Social 925 Wednesday- ????? Movie Buffs Thursday- ??VIP  City VIP Friday- ?????  Borneo Ltd.

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About Cense
Cense Media Sdn Bhd, in
collaboration with Meranti Digital Sdn Bhd overseas the operations of CityPlus
92.5fm in Kuching. It is located on the 10th Floor of Menara MAA,
Jalan Central Timur, Kuching.

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