7 self-care tips for parents during the holiday season

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, laughter and family traditions. As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, manage your child’s presents, cook for relatives visiting and neglect our own well-being.

This holiday season and next year’s resolution, let’s prioritise self-care with these seven tips that will help you recharge and radiate holiday cheer.

Early Morning “Me Time” Routine

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the early morning. Start your day on a positive note by waking up just a bit earlier than the rest of the household. Enjoy a few moments of quiet time with a cup of tea or coffee, and indulge in a quick skincare routine featuring Ombré’s radiant essentials. This sets a positive tone for the day ahead and allows you to focus on yourself before the holiday chaos ensues.

Delegate Holiday Tasks

You don’t have to do it all! Release the burden of holiday responsibilities gracefully. Delegate holiday tasks to other family members or consider outsourcing some responsibilities. Whether it’s gift wrapping, meal preparation, or decorating, sharing the load allows you to enjoy the festive season without feeling overwhelmed.

Ombre’s Quick Glow-Up

Ombre’s treatments are perfect for busy parents who want to pamper their skin and attain that radiant holiday glow without the time commitment. With any purchased treatment(s) till the 31st of December 2023, Ombré offers a complimentary OmbreSculpt body shaping treatment worth S$58. The treatment areas include the tummy, arms, and thighs, with a 30-minute duration and low pain level to enhance muscle tone and facilitate effective fat reduction.

Schedule “Me” Time

“Me” time can sometimes be misconstrued as someone being selfish by putting their needs first. But the last several years have shown us that this is actually something everyone needs to schedule into their busy lives. “Me” time isn’t selfish—it’s a necessity for mental health. Block out time in your schedule for self-care activities. Whether it’s a bubble bath, reading a book, or enjoying a walk in the crisp winter air, having dedicated “me” time is crucial for maintaining your mental and emotional well-being during the holidays.

Healthy Holiday Snacking

Amidst the festive treats, remember to nourish your body with healthy snacks. Keep a stash of nutritious options on hand to fuel your energy levels and prevent those post-sugar-crash moments. Remember to stay mindful of portion sizes and stay hydrated with water or herbal teas. Incorporating these healthy snacks into your holiday gatherings can create a balanced and enjoyable celebration. A healthy diet contributes to both your physical and mental well-being.

Connect with Friends

Positive social relationships between family members and friends carry a host of perks for your physical and mental health. Take a break from the family festivities and connect with friends too. There are tons of ways to stay connected with your loved ones, even when you’re far apart. Whether it’s a quick coffee date or a virtual catch-up, maintaining social connections can provide a much-needed break and emotional support during the busy holiday season.

Reflect and Set Intentions

Take some time to reflect and write. Reflection is something that can be quickly done alone and on your own time. To do this, create a peaceful space without distractions and take some quiet time. Make sure you create physical space for clarity and peace. Ask yourself if it feels peaceful and if there are any items to put away or give to others. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a more significant project, a good refresh could also help create a peaceful space.

Intentions are not just about the action plan but also about the values and desires behind the project. Intentions can work without goals; goals are much easier to achieve with intentions behind them; without the “why,” resolutions and goals can feel empty or start of guilt or comparison.

This holiday season, prioritise self-care with these practical tips for parents. Embrace the joy of the season, and remember that taking care of yourself allows you to better care for those you love.


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