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Safe nasal spray to fight COVID-19

Singapore has moved towards normalcy with most measures protecting the public against the Covid-19 pandemic being lifted. The welcoming move is the travel restriction to most countries which has also been lifted.

With no restriction to borders controls, people can now travel freely either for business or leisure. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet as the newest Omicron variant BA.2 may become the source of infections worldwide again.

Most people have been protected from the virus through vaccines and booster shots. The regular regimen of wearing masks and sanitising the hands will still play an important role in helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Now available is a new nasal spray made of nitric oxide with proven anti-microbial properties which can be used to fight the Covid-19 virus. Developed by SaNOtize Resarch in Canada, the nasal spray can be delivered in small amounts into a person’s nasal cavity, thus killing viruses in the respiractory upper airways.

Nitric Oxide is a small molecule which is naturally present in our body and in the atmosphere. It has been researched since the 80’s for treatment of various medical conditions. Now, with the innovatively designed delivery system developed by SaNOtize Research in Canada, Nitric Oxide in the form of a nasal spray can be delivered in a small amount into our nasal cavity, the entry point of multiple pathogenic respiratory viruses, to kill viruses in the upper airways.

When sprayed over nasal mucosa, it reduces viral load in a person’s nasal cavity, and at the same time acts as a physical and chemical barrier against the virus, preventing it from incubating and spreading to the lungs. It has proven anti-microbial properties with a direct virucidal effect on SARS-CoV-2. The nasal spray is marketed as VirX™ in this region.

The safety and efficacy of VirX™ has been proven in several clinic trials conducted in Canada, U.K. and India. Clinical trials from its innovator, SaNOtize showed Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) was a safe and effective antiviral treatment for SARS CoV-2.

In the first 24 hours, NONS reduced the average viral load by around 95%, and then by more than 99% within 72 hours (Winchester et al. J Infect. 2021;83(2):237-279).

Ms Loh Pei Juin, General Manager, Apex Pharma Marketing Pte Ltd, said: “We have seen COVID-19 infecting humans worldwide in waves. It is important to have a defence tool guarding the main point of entry from respiratory viruses into our bodies. VirX™ can be included as part of our preventive regimen comprising vaccination, mask-wearing, good hygiene standards and safe-distancing measures. We are very pleased to partner with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to bring VirX™ into Singapore”.

VirX™ retails at S$29.50 in all Guardian outlets in Singapore and selected ecommerce stores. Get VirX™ now when you travel or get it as an added measure to guard against Covid-19 virus.

Apex Pharma in Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Healthcare Berhad, operating out of its own warehouse and office facility at 4 Loyang Way 1, Singapore 508708. Licensed by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, Apex Pharma Marketing is a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler of pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products and medical devices.

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