Thrilling Brick Fest at Legoland Malaysia Resort

Attention all young adventurers, city heroes and kingdom dreamers! Just in time for the June school holidays, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is excited to announce the launch of BRICK FEST, a thrilling 3-month LEGO extravaganza!

From May 21 to September 22, join us for BRICK FEST, where the magic of LEGO bricks comes alive in one of the biggest events of the year. Spanning 126 days, this celebration promises endless fun and excitement for LEGO fans of all ages.

May 21 – June 30: Be an Explorer! Embark on an Egyptian expedition, uncover ancient treasures and build magnificent LEGO pyramids – or cats!

July 1 – August 11: Be a LEGO City Hero! Join the LEGO City Police or Fire Department, and train with the LEGO academy to help restore peace to the city.

August 12 – September 22: Be a Kingdom Fan! Create your own castles and swords, and solidify your spot in the Royal Parade – don your mightiest knight outfits or shimmering princess gowns.

“At LEGOLAND Malaysia, we believe in the transformative power of play,” says CS Lim, Divisional Director of LEGOLAND Malaysia. “BRICK FEST is our way of creating an engaging and educational environment where children can learn and grow through the joy of playing with LEGO bricks. Together with LEGO, we are excited to help fuel young, inspirational minds to go far with their imaginations”.

BRICK FEST is packed with activities that will ignite your imagination and keep you entertained for hours on end:

Design and Race Your Own LEGO Race Car: Unleash your inner engineer at the Racer’s Workshop! Build custom LEGO racers and test them on thrilling tracks. Who will be crowned the champion?

Be Part of A Record-Breaking LEGO Domino Trail: Contribute to a massive LEGO Domino trail and watch it all come down in a spectacular chain reaction!

Minifigure Trading: Make new friends and expand your LEGO collection through fun minifigure trading.

Experimenting with Different Designs: Engage in various building activities to personalise your creations with LEGO bricks and LEGO DOTS elements.

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